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Pergola & Rose Arch

Pergola & Rose Arch

Pergola & Rose ArchA quality product designed and made by us with longevity in mind.

We considered manufacture from hollow section material as people do, but with long life in mind we decided on a solid material for the reason that with hollow section, condensation forms on the inside and the tube corrodes from the inside out.

Many manufacturers make from 1.5mm hollow section which can last as little as 8-10 years and some arches made from lighter grade materials could last less.

A solid material (ours is 50mm x 50mm x 6mm solid T bar section) won’t condensate and will last considerably more just as the Victorians did and some of their products are still going.

Pergola & Rose Arch

Pergola & Rose ArchNissen huts put up 70 years used T bar section and many are still standing today. A stately home would use a solid material and not a hollow section.

An increased cost of solid material is greatly offset by the increased service life which will be many times greater than hollow sections. Indeed many hollow section based Pergolas available are more expensive than our own.

Pergola sections can be connected with rope, wire, wire rope, or solid bar.

Our Pergolas and Rose Arches can be offered galvanised, powder coated painted or self colour.

Sections can be made to suit a visual effect or budget.

For that special occasion both the Rose Arch and Pergolas are available for hire.

Local delivery can be made at an extra cost or collection is welcome.

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Delivery to all areas is available on request.

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